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The Team

Fabiana Polikar

Born in Rome in 1971.

Advises Clients in the field of international private law.

Deals mainly with family law and succession cases/issues which imply - not only at the European level - the involvement of different jurisdictions and national legislations, as applicable to spouses’ and parental relationships, always focussing on the Individual, in particular the Minor Child.

Has acquired considerable experience and specific skills in personal separations and divorces, domestic as well as international; proceedings concerning the civil aspects of international child abductions (The Hague Convention of 25.10.1980) and subsequent relocations of minor children; parentage/paternity cases; interdiction/incapacitation cases; pre and post nuptial agreements, their impact and effects under the Italian Law; matrimonial conventions; cohabitation contracts; same sex partnerships and agreements; divisions and successions.

Negotiates and draws up business contracts, paying primary attention to the pharmaceutical, publishing, fashion and real estate sectors.

Assists both Italian companies oriented towards expansion into foreign markets and foreign companies interested in investing in Italy.

Skilled mediator, provides also judicial and arbitral assistance in the areas of interests.

2016 - Admission as Fellow to the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

2016 - Admission to the Italian Higher Courts.

2004 - Admission to the Rome Bar Association.

1999 - University of San Francisco (CA, USA), School of Law:

LL.M. in International Business Transactions and Comparative Law.

1997 - Luiss Guido Carli (Rome, Italy), Department of Law:

Law Degree Maxima cum Laude.

English, French.


Francesca Sgarrella

Born in Brindisi in 1974.

Deals mainly with labour law.

Assists companies - as well as top managers, directors and workers - in procedures concerning the incentive termination of the relationship before the relevant Labour Territorial Directorate, Judicial Authority and Union. Has acquired considerable experience and specific skills in individual and collective dismissals, in the judicial recognition of higher duties, related pay differences and contribution differences, in the judicial recognition of continuous and coordinated collaborations and of employment relationships, in mobbing and straining cases, in preserving workers’ rights in sales and/or leases of companies or company branches, in disciplinary procedures. Advises also to assess the most appropriate type of labour contract in the specific case (especially through non-competition agreements, exclusive agreements, agreements of minimum duration).

As regards the civil law, operates mainly in the field of business contracts, advising Clients with a well-rounded approach, including the possible litigation and arbitration phases.

Assists several religious Entities and Institutes, in the ordinary and extraordinary management of their activities.

2016 - Admission to the Italian Higher Courts.

2004/2005 - IPSOA Business School, Advanced Training Course in Labour Law.

2002 - Admission to the Rome Bar Association.

1999 - LUISS Guido Carli (Roma): Law Degree.

English, Spanish.



In matters that require a multidisciplinary approach the Firm avails itself of the complementary advice of well trusted and highly qualified Professionals operating in different areas: accountants, tax experts, labour consultants, administrative lawyers, criminal lawyers, specialists in forensic medicine and in occupational medicine, psychologists.

Through the years, we have built outstanding domestic and international relationships. We are currently able to deal with litigations started almost anywhere in the world by promptly relating with foreign Colleagues every time multiple jurisdictions and domestic laws are involved.

The choice of a complementary advice and/or a foreign consultancy is made always considering the Client’s specific needs, so as to provide an all-round and effective assistance.


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