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The Firm

We launched Polikar Sgarrella in 2016, sealing a human and professional relationship started more than twenty years ago.

Our values:

Expertise: we deal only with what we are really good at, in the interest of the Client, who has the right to receive the best possible assistance.

Transparency: we are committed to the utmost clarity when we explain the risks and the benefits of an initiative or a conduct, when we outline the possible options and foreseeable chances, when we expose our fees.

Empathy: we are aware that often, especially in the fields of family law and labour law, the legal issues have a huge psychological and emotional impact on the Client facing them. Hence, we do feel the responsibility and the value of our work.

Flexibility: nothing, at Polikar Sgarrella, is standard. Prior to assessing any legal strategy or defence and to estimating our fees, we study carefully the specific situation, so as to be able to offer the most appropriate support, duly tailored on each and every Client.



  • we assisted a top manager of the pharmaceutical sector in an out of Court settlement ensuing from a professional demotion;
  • we assisted judicially a professional and well known tv journalist in a controversy derived from the appeal of the firing and in the subsequent Union settlement;
  • in the name and on behalf of a dozen of workers in the airports’ sector, within a litigation derived from the sale of a company branch, we obtained the Court recognition of the principle according to which collective contracts of different levels shall not be automatically substituted among them and, consequently, the payment of considerable pay differences as acquired rights;
  • within a procedure of assisted negotiation, we obtained the recognition of agency commissions accrued on multi-year contracts expiring after the termination of the agency relationship;
  • we assisted a well known Roman religious Institute, owner of a property used as an hotel and a sport facility, in different controversies with the defaulting tenant, judicially in Italy and also abroad, as well as in the subsequent settlement phase, concluded with the negotiation, drafting and signature of new contracts;
  • on behalf of a religious Institute managing rest homes for nuns and the elderly, we negotiated all the necessary private contracts for works and social health services;
  • on behalf of a Spanish religious Institute with interests in Italy, we obtained the settlement of the pending litigation with the stipulation of a notarial deed for the purchase of a prestigious property in the centre of Rome;
  • we assist and defend in judicial proceedings of personal separation and divorce high members, also with diplomatic status, of several specialised Agencies of the United Nations operating in Italy;
  • we assisted judicially with ad hoc proceedings parents of international families in the relocation abroad of minor children, also by coordinating the legal initiatives taken in foreign jurisdictions;
  • we advised wealthy international couples with interests in Italy in the negotiation of prenuptial and post nuptial agreements;
  • we assisted important families running global enterprises in successions characterised by assets and activities in Italy.
“Rare sono le persone che usano la mente, poche quelle che usano il cuore ed uniche quelle che usano entrambi.”
Rita Levi Montalcini


Where We Are


Viale Regina Margherita, 158 00198 Roma (RM)

Tel. +39 06 85304958
Fax +39 06 84080295